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Client Testimonials

Independent Observer Report Internal Auditor/Quality Training Course for Subsea Technology & Rentals, run by Himu Gupta
by Brian Wink, 8th December 2014

Dear Mr. Gupta

    Independent Observer - STR 8th December 2014

I was pleased to have been invited as an Independent Observer at your Internal Auditor/Quality Training Course for Subsea Technology & Rentals on the 8th December 2014.

All ten delegates were keen to learn. There was excellent interaction between everyone throughout the day & your key messages and training was clear and concise. The Course Activities were thought provoking and provide a sound understanding of the task facing delegates when they return to the workplace.

I have no doubt that the future operation of STR will have more emphasis on quality which will in turn give the company a greater commercial advantage and the delegates will have a better insight of carrying out internal audits for STR.


Brian Wink
Previously Contract Director (SERCO)
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

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Report on the Quality Management training courses run by Himu Gupta
by Jef Mostinckx, 29th August 2011

The ISO 9000:2000 Auditor/Lead Auditor-training courses I followed

  • the 17th - 21th March 1997 in Surrey UK and
  • the 4th - 8th March 2002 in Norwich UK (Course Number A 17077)

consisted of a professional training for Auditors and Lead Auditors specializing in quality management especially in the welfare and health sector.

The training program provided both technical knowledge and practical skills essential to become a competent auditor or lead auditor. The courses particularly fulfilled the training requirement essential to register with auditor registration bodies like IRCA.

The course material is designed by Himu Gupta. The Courses were certificated by the IRCA Registration Governing Board and satisfied the training requirements for individuals seeking registration under the IRCA QMS Auditor Registration Scheme.

Course content

  • Course introduction
  • Concept of quality management principles
  • Requirements of ISO 9000:2000, scope and contents, structure of ISO9001: 2000
  • Process approach
  • Introduction to quality auditing
  • Phases of auditing
  • Audit planning
  • Audit preparation
  • Audit tools and techniques
  • Opening meeting
  • Audit performance
  • Closing meeting
  • Audit reporting
  • Non-conformance reports
  • Follow-up audits and surveillance
  • Group presentation
  • Case study and exercises
  • International registration scheme for auditors
  • Exercises
  • Written examination

I attended the courses because as a director of the Welfare, Health and Culture (WHC) department in Brussels (Ministry of the Flemish Community) a detailed knowledge of quality auditing process was required. The Welfare minister wished to implement quality management systems in his department, the reason why I was managing internal quality management within the WHC-department organisation.

Later on Mr. Himu Gupta was invited as an independent consultant to introduce QM in our WHC-department. The training courses Mr. Himu Gupta was running enhanced the business strategy of the department as an organisation.

All the participants found the courses very interesting because the impact and effect on organizational efficiency and on the management of the organizational quality systems. Himu Gupta influenced the long-term planning integrating QM into the organization. QM-specialists became responsible for the advancement of QM within the organization through well defined and effective quality management systems.

Jef Mostinckx
Former Management director
WHC-department of Flemish Community

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