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Mike Hillier, Associate Consultant

Mike has worked in many countries throughout Europe and Asia on a variety of projects and employment tasks. His employment background is as diverse as the number of countries in which he has worked, and indeed, the cultures he has worked with.

His employment history includes, aeronautical, mechanical, and electronic engineering, working both with the military and as a civilian advising many Multi-National aerospace and electronic component companies. He also worked for many years in the public health sector, concerned in care and social rehabilitation in mental health services. This brought him into a long-term working relationship with the local College and University as an on-site supervisor for students studying for their B-Tech Health and Social Care qualifications, and with students studying for their BA or MA degrees in Social Work, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Psychology.

Having trained in NLP (Neuro-Liguistic Programming (Dip)) he has spent many years as a trainer dealing in personal and motivational development with a great deal of success in participant outcome.

In recent years Mike has worked on Government contracted projects, involved in securing employment opportunities for the long-term unemployed. This entailed working closely with Private, Public and Third Sector Organisation in negotiations, as well as using his skills in the (QA) Health & Safety aspect of the work.

Mike has been an Associate with Gupta-Consultancy & Training UK for approximately 10 years, and in that time has worked closely with its Director, Himu Gupta, on many projects in Europe and Asia. This has involved him in many aspects of training in Social Care and Care Management, as well as making many presentations at Multi-National NGO conferences in Europe.

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